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Just like your car, your WordPress website requires up-keep to continue running smoothly. Every now and then we need to rotate the tires and change the oil. The number one cause for issues with WordPress powered websites relates to the lack of consistent updates. The developers for the WordPress core, your themes, and your plugins all release regular updates to add features, fix bugs, patch security issues, and maintain compatibility with the latest server and browser technology.

Latest Features

Bug Fixes

Security Patches


Seriously, Don’t Get Hacked

WordPress is the #1 Content Management System used on the internet today. Currently powering over 20% of all websites online. It is also open source, meaning anyone can download the code. This has its pros and cons like anything else. Hackers use a variety of methods to find weaknesses in your website’s code and exploit this to add spam links, steal information, and shut your website down.

We didn’t have time to keep logging in and updating our website all the time. We need to focus on what we do best, our business. Zealth solved this.
-Mark W.

Ok I Get it - Now what?

Zealth specializes in WordPress. With over 10 years and over 150 WordPress websites built, we pride ourselves in being your resource. Rather than spending your time worrying about how secure your website is, leave it to us. Consider it a low cost insurance policy to keep your brand reputation strong and online.

Here’s what we include:

WordPress Updates

Theme Updates

Plugin Updates


Security Monitoring

Database Optimization

Error Monitoring

Priority Support

How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

We offer 2 plans. Our Beta package is a basic plan which includes all the core items to stay up to date and secure. For those who want the VIP treatment we offer our Alpha package which includes monitoring, priority support, and detailed reporting. Both options include monthly development credits.


  • WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Daily MySQL Database Backup
  • Weekly File Backup
  • Weekly MySQL Database Optimization
  • 1 Monthly Development Credit
$39.99Per Month


  • WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Daily MySQL Database Backup
  • Weekly File Backup
  • Weekly MySQL Database Optimization
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Checking
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Error Log Monitoring
  • Priority Support Access
  • Detailed Reports
  • 2 Monthly Development Credits
$49.99Per Month


These are some questions that have been frequently asked in the past.

WordPress is an advanced database powered web application that is always changing. The developers are always releasing updates to fix security vulnerabilities, add features, and to stay compatible with the latest server and browser technologies.

We will need a WordPress account with administrative privileges so we can set up our maintenance tools. After things are setup you are free to change your password. They will run in the background and not interrupt your website.

Need something updated or tweaked on your website? We include free development time with our maintenance plans. Simply send an email to support@zealth.net to open a ticket.

Yes! We offer bundled discounts based on the number of websites we need to maintain. This can save you a great deal of time rather than constantly logging into each website individually to run updates.

We don’t believe in long term complicated contracts. If you ever decide to cancel simply send an email to billing@zealth.net and we will cancel your plan and disconnect our tools from your website.

Yes! All of our web hosting plans include our maintenance package with development credits. Our servers are based out of Chicago, IL and are optimized for WordPress specifically. We are selective on who we host to ensure we can continue to offer the best performance to our clients. If you are interested in premium level hosting simply drop us an email at support@zealth.net.

Lets get started

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