Change Woocommerce Membership Content Per Page

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Platform: WordPress Plugins: Woocommerce, Woocommerce Memberships Do you use the Woocommerce Membership plugin? By default, the membership area of the my account page limits the number of content items displayed per page to the same number defined under Settings -> Reading for your blog posts. Place the below code in your functions.php file to modify… Read more »

GoDaddy MX Records not Updating?

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Scenario: You need to point your domain to an external email host. So you jump into GoDaddy, modify the MX record and wait for propagation. 1 hour goes by, nope. 2 hours go by, nope. Ok now it’s been 4 hours, what is the deal!? Solution: In most circumstances, when you add or modify an… Read more »

We’ve Moved!

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Ah yes, time flies as they say. It wasn’t too long ago we we’re working out of the basement of my house. Sure there we’re the upsides of strolling downstairs with my slippers, but it wasn’t exactly an ideal setup for client introductions. In 2016, we made our home at 237 Main St. in the… Read more »